Mull Renewables - who we are
Mull Renewables was started a few years back to pioneer both new products, and ways of living in the renewables world. After having lived on Mull for many years, it was obvious that those people who challenged and innovated their way into this future, would bring large benefits to communities that were desperate for enjoyable high paid, high skill work.

There is a huge transition taking place in our society, which is hidden from general discussion. It is the way we will be forced to change the way we use energy and resource as we switch from a society that is enslaved by the cyclical service and delivery costs of non renewable energy, to one which builds the collectors and then lives without these costs, for free from the Sun. This will be a response to global warming, peak energy and resource; where we are now.

As this story is about energy and resource and not money, it is less easy for people to understand. Two great books to read which give the subject great dignity are; "The Party's Over" by Richard Heinberg, and "Without Hot Air" by Professor David MacKay. These two amazing individuals have defined the world that is coming very clearly. To get there we need to reconsider how we use energy and resource; despite most people being uninterested in the subject.

By doing so cleverly, you can see a world ahead broadly familiar to today, yet using probably less than 30% of the energy we currently use, in our excessively wasteful lives. That's what is going to bring huge change. If you are an energy provider in the non renewable world a rude awakening is about to happen. Keep an eye on the Resilience website, there are many very good offferings and ideas that will make you think very hard!

This is in effect giving retirement at 30, massively reducing CO2 emissions to safe levels very rapidly, and living a very happy long life off the sun. The alternative is clear; waste all resource in a decline lasting 50 years, then waking up to reality, or make the jump now when the resource is dirt cheap.

Having gone some way down the design engineering path, it is a no brainer success story. Who would choose energy and resource slavery, to freedom? Looking at the wider world this genuinely appears to have dawned on a lot of people who can make and contribute to this change, this is where the community benefits lie, it is an old adage, "Where great ideas and products are designed and made, employment stays".

Bob Stewart

November 2015