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This isn't a conventional blog page where you can add comments, mostly because I do not have the time to commit to supervising it. However, there is advantage to allow me to put down in writing some of the reasoning behind my ideas and help the reader understand them better.

The self build house design is a good example, it isn't trying to solve one problem or become a concept. Instead it is saying there is now a very good case to jump to a renewables based society in numbers, and in doing so solve multiple problems simultaneously. As an innovator of many years, it is very striking how the word innovation has changed from being era changing, to being just one small step.

We are in deep need of era changing ideas, because an era of excess energy and resource is over, and caught in the grips of the realisation, we are failing to act.

I have described in a lot more detail, the reasoning behind the project in this file

Over the years it has mellowed here is an earlier draft of the design idea. I have put many pictures from the early sunspace prototype I built on Mull.

Why now?
Why such a big change?
Land use changes needed
Key Features of the Solaris Build
The giveaway
The Sting in COP21
The Great Southern Ocean Con
The Key Features of Solaris
What's this this world ahead going to be like?