Mull Renewables Solaris Web Page
Welcome to the Solaris housing project web page. Those of you who have known me for many years, also know the story behind this innovative design, for those who do not I hope this explains. Click on any image to download the larger book file on the project.

The world in which we live has to change, and nowhere more so than in the place we call home. For most of my life, I have wanted to push every boundary possible to show that there is a potential future for humanity, that currently the media consider impossible. This future world calls very strongly from West Scotland, a place which has for as long as I can remember, said that you should know your place in life, and know it to be small.

It is hard to look across the views that I live with on Mull, and realise that 200 years ago, the place teemed with human beings, large rich communities, that now are now dwindling under a deaf governance, to a few old people, and a community which is focussed on their care.

In tandem with these changes, the notion of home has become fixated on an expensive aesthetic bright on the landscape, which maintains and celebrates the prohibition of humanity. We now pay many people to collectively say no.

The solaris build is a mobile challenge to allow the development of a hugely innovative design of home to be built and tested, which allows the occupant to live for free once built. No CO2 emissions. Effortlessly able to gather what it needs for almost nothing. I hope you enjoy the read! It won't be long till one is built. However, there is no point building one.

Bob Stewart

November 2015