Mull Renewables Spinlight Web Page
Welcome to the spinlight web page. Those of you who I have known me for many years, also know the story behind this innovative lighting design, for those who do not I hope this explains. Designed 27 years ago, just waiting for the technology to mature enough, it is finally on sale for the winter of 2015-16 for Mull Residents only.

The Spinlight is a torch or lantern that is mounted on a walking pole. Unlike equivalent designs; if you can find them, the light works in a way that is not immediately obvious. Conventional light sources for dark environments are usually torches, which tend to produce a pool of well illuminated lit area and a very dark surrounding. On the one hand you get a bright area with good detail, on the other the surroundings sit in darkness. Head torches are a good example, you end up either banging your head on a branch or stumbling into a pot hole, because you can never see both.

The spinlight spins a beam of light 360 degrees around the user, and makes the human eye work in a completely different way. The result is double the battery life and four times the beam spread. You stand in a pool of light which most people at first describe as very strange indeed. To use it correctly your eyes must be dark adapted, because it makes your peripheral vision work harder. The advantage you get is obvious, you can see all around you. In dry conditions where the land around is more reflective you can see about 50 metres around, and in snow it is wonderful because the light source is low it is like dipped beams on a car. With head torches snow in your face is blinding, with the spinlight you still get to see a few yards around even in whiteout conditions.

The walking pole version on sale this winter is packaged inside a strong water resistant 3D printed housing, designed and manufactured wholly on Mull, uses the most powerful and advanced lithium ion battery, and is designed for use that is not life critical. I have used several versions of this design over the years, and without doubt it has managed to get me out of some very tricky conditions in moor bogs and deep brash, that I am not certain I would have done this as easily with a head torch.

There is a farming design in progress, which is brighter still, a little more expensive.


Spinlight M (standard) Price £100 including walking pole (£90 without)

Because of EU rules the spinlight is not supplied with a charger, you must buy your own, I appreciate this seems unfair, however, those rules also mean whoever supplies the charger is responsible for it. Lithium Ion batteries need correct chargers.

Please order early for Christmas to avoid dissapointment!